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Learn How To Play Golf Game Before Trying It Out Random!

Golf being a bat and ball game is played with unique style where no rounds or teams are required. If you are a single player also you can play this game without any company. All you need to have is either registered in a golf club or have access to play in golf grounds. To play this game, a huge land space is required as in form of terrain filled with grass, etc. Generally, people love to play golf game near estates and hill stations just because they can play golf and enjoy nature simultaneously. Ball needs to be hit from one end of the golf ground which needs to fall into either 9 or 18 holes marked in the same ground. If it falls nearby to any of those 9 or 18 holes, another stroke can let it fall into them. Majorly, maximum number of strokes matter to have successful game. If any individual makes the ball to fall into marked holes in lowest stroke numbers, then it is called stroke play that fetches him winning chance. Otherwise, if any individual completes a round by making the ball to fall into many holes with lowest score then it is called match play. Irrespective of both forms of this game, an individual must make the ball fall into either of holes.

How to play the game?

A round in golf game has 18 holes marked maximum that would be mentioned in the layout. Golf grounds along with these holes are generally displayed in ground layout. Prior notice to all whole positions will enhance winning chance. Maximum players to play a round simultaneously would be 4. People can start hitting golf ball from the starting point called teeing ground. Then ball must fall into these 18 holes through number of strokes. When it is done and the ball has fallen into final hole, then you are winner and scores will be calculated based on number of strokes you made. Apart from winning, penalties are also there for this game where if you make extra swings at golf ball, it will be counted too followed by penalty marking.
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